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Functions in the state category allow you to do things with side-effects in the function flow. Specifically, they allow you to save or load values of named variables to thread-local registers. These work best when used with non-async activities, since the normal statement grouping allows you to share data between statements in the sequence. It is not advised to use these with async activities.

When using these functions, be careful that you call them when needed. For example, if you have a named binding which will save a value, that action only occurs if some statement with this named binding is used.

For example, if you have an account records and transaction records, where you want to save the account identifier to use within the transaction inserts, you must ensure that each account binding is used within the thread first.


Clears the per-thread map which is used by the Expr function.


Load a named value from the per-thread state map. The previous input value will be forgotten, and the named value will replace it before the next function in the chain.