Core Op Parameters

Some statement parameters are recognized by the nosqlbench runtime and can be used on any statement in a YAML file.


A statement parameter called ratio is supported by every workload. It can be attached to a statement, or a block or a document level parameter block. It sets the relative ratio of a statement in the op sequence before an activity is started.

When an activity is initialized, all of the active statements are combined into a sequence based on their relative ratios. By default, all statement templates are initialized with a ratio of 1 if non is specified by the user.

For example, consider the statements below:

    - s1: "select foo,bar from baz where ..."
      ratio: 1
    - s2: "select bar,baz from foo where ..."
      ratio: 2
    - s3: "select baz,foo from bar where ..."
      ratio: 3

If all statements are activated (there is no tag filtering), then the activity will be initialized with a sequence length of 6. In this case, the relative ratio of statement "s3" will be 50% overall. If you filtered out the first statement, then the sequence would be 5 operations long. In this case, the relative ratio of statement "s3" would be 60% overall. It is important to remember that statement ratios are always relative to the total sum of the active statements' ratios.

This op param works closely with the core activity parameter named seq