This is an activity type which allows for a stream of data to be sent to a kafka topic. It is based on the stdout activity statement format.


  • topic - The topic to write to for this activity.


Refer to the online standard YAML documentation for a detailed walk-through. An example yaml is below for sending structured JSON to a kafka topic:

 price: Normal(10.0D,2.0D) -> double; Save('price') -> double;
 quantity: Normal(10000.0D,100.0D); Add(-10000.0D); Save('quantity') -> double;
 total: Identity(); Expr('price * quantity') -> double;
 client: WeightedStrings('ABC_TEST:3;DFG_TEST:3;STG_TEST:14');
 clientid: HashRange(0,1000000000) -> long;

 - |
      "trade": \{
        "price": {price},
        "quantity": {quantity},
        "total": {total},
        "client": "{client}",