This is a CQL driver based on the DataStax driver for Apache Cassandra version 3.+.

It is identical to the previous "cql" driver except for the version of the native driver used and the exclusion of certain DSE Capabilities, such as graph and some extended data types. This driver is meant to be used as a bridge until we have the 4.+ driver ready for use. The 1.9 driver which NoSQLBench included originally is no longer actively supported.

Given the similarity to the original cql driver, the docs for both are the same with the exception of the 'cqldriver' and 'insights' options, which are both removed here.

Once the 4.+ driver is ready and proven out (cqld4), both the cql and the cqlv3 will be gently deprecated, but they will remain in the NoSQLBench project until they are no longer needed.